Sneakie Business is thé one and only pick up and drop off sneaker cleaner in the Netherlands and after one year added street wear to its catalogue.

Presenting the first items of 'Season One'.


Why we do, what we do.

Jason de Witt

Founder, owner and creative director

I once read about Mariah Carey. She said that before she became famous, she had no money to buy shoes, she only had 1 pair of dirty scuffed shoes. She promised herself, if she made it, that she would walk on a new pair of shoes every day.

A nice thought.

Whether you bought your sneakers second-hand, or went camping in front of a store to get a hold of those special editions. After having been on your feet in your shoes all day, after your dog walk, the party, or just because you want to freshen up, Sneakie Business will be there to give you that feeling of fresh and clean kicks.

Today, the sneaker, trainer, patta or kick is an unmissable item in young or old, his or her fashion collection.

I think footwear is an extension of your personality that needs attention, love and the occasional good scrub.

Sneakie Business, aint nothing new to this.